The L.T. Wright Genesis knife was by my side for 86 days while living in Patagonia as part of the History Channels “Alone” survival show. I used it to make my shelter, fire, spoons, traps, baskets, and many other things. I searched for the perfect knife for a few weeks leading up to the show, and when I held the Genesis I knew it was the right knife. It fit perfect in my hand, was well balanced, had a 90 degree sharpened spine that could be used to make tinder and scrape a ferro rod for making fires without dulling the knife edge, and most importantly I would be able to maintain the edge in the field. After 86 days in the field it is my favorite knife and the one I continue to pack on all my adventures.

This special edition is to commemorate that time, it has all the same features of the knife I had with me plus it has my signature and quote “Never Give Up”.

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Made from 1/8″ A2 tool steel, this is a nine inch overall flat ground bush knife. It has black Micarta scales with a matte finish and heavy duty hardware.

It is ready to be your everyday carry.  In stock and ready to ship for the holidays!


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