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Niasziih (pronounced Nia-Z-I) is an integrative, earth based healing modality. Using the skills of tracking and awareness, contact is made with what the client wants to work on and new perspectives are sought.

What do you need?

What does a session look like?
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ONLINE via Zoom. It is best for the client to set up their space so their entire body can be seen and even have a space to lie down where they are still viewable over the computer screen. It is also best to wear clothes the client can move in as the client may be asked to move in various positions that will best support the healing journey.

In person healings are 60 minutes, hands on, and fully clothed. Healing sessions can be done indoors on a massage table, or outdoors on the land with blankets as needed for the weather. Each session is unique, working with both the healer and the clients personal medicine to help bring to light the body’s own healing tools.

About Niasziih

Niasziih is an Apache word that roughly translates to “the vessel of healing”. These teachings came from a Lipan Apache elder, scout, and shaman, Stalking Wolf.

In the first four years at Wildernessfusion the healer learns to understand their own vessel by exploring both the limitations and the gifts that arise from their wounding, orienting from core, and gaining clarity for working on clients. If choosing to commit to the path of the healer the journey continues into years five thru seven, where the healer learns how to work with cancer, autoimmune disorders, and heart diseases. Exploring the territory of the internal, identity, and external, and moving toward dancing with mystery.

Niasziih is a complementary medicine to the traditional medical model. This earth-based healing modality focuses on awareness of the inner landscape and the power of choice.

Who is Niasziih Healing for?

I work with people who have cancer, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, depression, trauma, grief, diabetes, organ transplants, and anyone who is experiencing life changes.

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Carleigh Fairchild is a 7th year graduate at wildernessFusion and is based out of Asheville, North Carolina. She is passionate about connection to the earth, and brings that connection to her healing sessions.

To schedule a session or to start a dialogue about healing please reach out below.

Peace – Love – Joy – Purpose

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