I offer basketry workshops across the country! Contact me if you have a group of 10 people interested in a workshop.

I am passionate about sharing how basketry is more then a craft, it is a way to discover more about yourself and how you create and hold space. Its an invitation to be still, within the present moment, where you can begin to build a deeper connection with yourself.

Current Course Offerings.

Weaving a Sally Bag

Winston-Salem, North Carolina. March 16, 2019. 9am-4pm. All materials will be provided, just bring your lunch!


Previous Course Offerings

Ribbed Basket Making Workshop Winston-Salem, NC.

Basket making is an age old skill, remnants of baskets have been dated back 10,000-20,000 years ago!  Making a basket and using it is a very primal activity. In this class you will be learning the techniques of a ribbed basket using flat cane. The same principles you learn with the cane can be used with other natural materials. 

A Ribbed Basket, also called an egg basket or melon basket, is a type of basket that is characterized by the use of a ‘gods-eye’ to weave together two hoops to become the handle and rim. Ribs, thin sticks, are placed into the gods-eye to give the form to the basket. Lastly, thin flexible material is woven back and forth through the ribs to create the container of your basket.

Class is 6 hours (can be shortened to a 3 hr workshop if a small basket is made instead of a large basket)

Open to ages 12 and older.  

Ribbed Basket Class March 2018

“Thoroughly enjoyed our day with you!  Your openness, honesty and storytelling fed my soul. Feels like quite the bonus that I also have this amazingly beautiful, handmade basket to enjoy!” -Robin